Band In A Bus is a mini-series of the making of the Jonas Brothers' album, A Little Bit Longer and how it was made in their tour bus. It includes all 3 brothers (and some Frankie!!) on their bus, making the album. All 10 episodes can be found on the Jonas Brothers' Youtube channel (JonasBrothersMusic)

The Episodes:

  • "Rock On A Bus"
  • "Big Rob"
  • "Tonight and Today"
  • "Going Crazy"
  • "We'll All Be Fine"
  • "Video (Hometown) Girl"
  • "Planes, Buses & SUV's"
  • "One Family"
  • "Saltmine"
  • "Lovebug"

Links - The official Band In A Bus website - Part 1 (In the suggestions on the side, there are the other ones too)

Quotes From The Show

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